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I've never really known what I want to do with my life. I started writing my own music when I was twelve, but even at that young age I wasn't satisfied. Writing and producing enables me to express myself creatively in a very unique way. When I'm not doing well musically, the negativity ripples into other aspects of my life.


Choosing to study environmental engineering as a full-time student was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made.  Half of me wanted to move out to LA to pursue my musical endeavors, while the other half craved stability, education, and scientific understanding. To this day I question if I've made the right choice, but I don't think I'll ever know. Life truly is about the journey, and if we know our destination then the road may become linear and redundant. 


Since coming to Michigan Tech to study engineering, I've met hundreds of amazing people that have shaped me in countless ways. I've become obsessed with photography and gotten involved with graphic design and marketing at a local performing arts theater. Most importantly, I've turned to exploring the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and documenting my journey while having some great times with friends along the way. 

Have a little peek into my life.

-Alan Labisch


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         Labisch teams up with Snareskin to create " Waves  of Time ", out now on Villain Records.



  Labisch teams up with Snareskin to create "Waves  of Time", out now on Villain Records.

It’s time to recline those armchairs and take a chill-pill with Labisch‘s new track, “Rain“. Coming from Wisconsin, this chillout producer has composed this masterpiece of relaxing ambiance.
— Groundlift Media, 2015/08/05